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User Roles, Personas and why they are needed

On traditional projects, requirements are often gathered without taking into consideration the different types of users that may interact with the system. This is problematic, as functionality which may be useful for a specific type of user may be left out, reducing value for that user with the potential [...]

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What does a good User Story look like?

User Stories are the catalyst for the development process so it is essential to ensure that they are well formed. Bill Wake has suggested the famous INVEST acronym as a guideline for good stories. I for Independent A story should ideally be independent of other stories; there are three [...]

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Top 5 reasons to use Agile User Stories

User Stories originated with Extreme Programming and represent a significant shift from the large documents that make up requirements in traditional projects.User Stories are small 'snippets' of business focused requirements. So why should we even bother with User Stories? How are they an improvement on traditional forms of gathering and [...]

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Introduction to User Stories

A User Story is a requirement formulated as a brief statement that describes the required system behaviour from a specific users perspective as well as the benefit obtained from its implementation. Importantly, each User Story provides some functionality that is of value to the end-user or purchaser of the system.  Below [...]

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