Scrum in a day

Course Duration: 101-01 | 1 Day | Onsite

This onsite course is a bold introduction to Agile and Scrum. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of Agile, it covers the real-world issues you are likely to face when introducing Scrum into your business. As with all of our courses there is a heavy emphasis on the practical issues you are likely to face as well as preventative actions and solutions to these challenges.

Agile stresses the need to build software incrementally at regular intervals. In Scrum, each iteration is called a Sprint and also includes the tasks to enable a shippable product at the end of each iteration. In addition, by enabling rapid user feedback we ensure the right product with the right features is developed.

Introducing Agile into an organisation can be hard, understanding the challenges involved can make this task much easier. Let us help to make this process easier through training from an instructor with decades of software delivery expertise and many years of introducing Agile into both large and small organisations.

Part One : Introduction to Agile

  • Introduction
  • History of Agile
  • Agile Overview
  • Agile Benefits

Part Two : Scrum Development Process

  • The Scrum Process
  • Roles and Responsibiliities
  • Planning and Estimation
  • Staying on Track
  • Making the Transition

This course is available as an on-site course only. If you would like to book this on-site course for your organisation, please email us at for further information and available dates.

  • Business Managers
  • Leaders
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Agile Project & Programme Managers
  • Business Analysts.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course.