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Scaling Agile in a day

Course Duration: 102-01 | 1 Day | On-Site

Your teams have been using Agile in one form or another for some time now and have managed to deliver some impressive results. Now the time has come to think about scaling Agile across your organisation. In this one-day course you will go from understanding how to deliver software created by a single Agile team to learning how to deliver a large-scale Agile initiative.

Co-ordinating a large number of Agile teams to implement a single business vision has always been a challenge when using traditional Agile constructs such as Scrum or XP. In this course you will go through an independent examination of the most popular scaling approaches and learn how to select the best one for your particular organisation, avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

The day is filled with practical guidance, exploring real-world issues while learning proven strategies to overcome them. Hands-on exercises and learning games will keep your interest peaked throughout the day. If you are looking to scale Agile, join us in this one-of-a-kind course and take your organisation to the next level by avoiding common, yet painful mistakes. After this course you can start your transformation from a position of knowledge and confidence.

Onsite Course Bookings

This course is available as both a public and on-site course. If you would like to book this on-site course for your organisation, please email us at for further information and available dates.

Introduction to Enterprise Agility

Agile Scaling Methodologies and Frameworks

  • SAFe Overview
  • DAD Overview
  • LeSS Overview

Select the correct scaling approach for your organisation

  • Organisational Tools
  • Dependency Management and Co-ordination
  • Enterprise Architecture and Design
  • Requirements Management
  • Growing your teams into self-organising and self-empowered teams
  • Setting up an appropriate Agile governance framework
  • Successfully initiate and drive organisational change

Getting started correctly – next steps

This course is available as an on-site course only. If you would like to book this on-site course for your organisation, please email us at or call us on +44 (0) 7405 998 194 for further information and available dates.

  • Business Managers.
  • Leaders.
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners.
  • Agile Project & Programme Managers
  • Business Analysts.

Ideally 2+ years in experience in Scrum, XP, DSDM, Kanban or equivalent.
Minimum : basic grounding in Agile and Scrum is expected equivalent to ‘Scrum in a day’ training.

Q1. Where is this training course located ? 

All our London training centres are located in Central London (Zone 1) with easy access to Public Transport. Further Details of the Venue will be provided well in advance of the course taking place.

Q2. What does this course include : 

This Course includes the provision of all training Materials and Documentation as well as the provision of light refreshments throughout the course.  

Q3. Do your trainers have real world experience ?

All our trainers are selected carefully, each will have many years of real-world experience together with the requisite Agile qualifications to back up this experience. This means that you will get an immersive experience from a Leading Agilist who has been in the Agile Trenches across many industries, Organisations and Cultures. This extensive experience will provide you with the knowledge to help you move to the next level. 

Q4. Do you give any discounts for multiple courses booked together or for Multiple Attendees?

Yes, please call us on +44 (0) 208 123 2227 for discount codes. 

Q5. Do you have any recommended reading before attending the course ?

While there is no specific reading list, attendees should be familiar with Agile and Scrum. This course is appropriate for those with some years of experience.

As a minimum, we would expect Agile or Scrum training equivalent to “Scrum in a day” training from those participating. If prospective attendees have not undergone such training we recommend our “Scrum in a day” training package, which is perfectly aligned with this course.

Attendees are encouraged to have a look at the Scrum Alliances’ suggested reading list, which is a good preparatory resource.