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How to run an effective SAFe Program Increment Planning Session

Program Increment Planning is a key Scaled Agile ceremony that takes place at the beginning of a Program Increment (PI) – the 8-12 week timebox for an Agile Release Train (ART) that consists of 5-12 teams. This is the single planning event for an ART where all teams come together to plan for the upcoming Program Increment. As you can imagine, organising, facilitating and co-coordinating up to 12 teams in a single planning event can be quite a challenge.

In this FREE series of videos I will explain how to run an organised, effective and even fun PI Planning event, the must have’s as well as the gotchas. Join me on this exciting journey !


  • Setting yourself up to win with effective PI Planning Preparation.

  • The secret to ensuring that you build confidence with key executives and stakeholders.

  • How to know when you are ready to run an effective PI Planning event.

  • How to ensure that you maximise value from this event.


What makes me qualified to teach how to effectively run a Program Increment Planning Session ?

For the last fifteen years I have been implementing Agile in high pressured and challenging environments across industry. Since 2013 I have specialised in SAFe and am one of the most experienced SAFe coaches in the United Kingdom having led multiple Agile Release Trains, facilitated countless program level ceremonies including over 20 Program Increment Planning sessions at the time of writing. I bring all this experience and do not hold back any information even though in some cases some of it may be controversial – where there are differing schools of thought I will do my best to make that clear.

PI Planning Support Service

Have an upcoming PI Planning Event, and would like to make sure it goes smoothly and is run professionally ?

If you need help with your upcoming PI Planning Event and would like one of the most experienced coaches in the UK to either support you in planning, setting up or facilitating the event for you, click on the button below to discuss options and dates.

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