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Certified SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager

Course Duration: 109-01 | 2 Day | Public and On-Site

The word “manager” has picked up quite a few negative connotations over the years. However a SAFe manager or product owner is nothing like the popular idea of the management role.

This two-day course teaches the core values, knowledge and techniques of a SAFe manager. A specialized role that ensures Lean principles are applied and managed effectively. Attendees who complete this course will become proficient in the latest methods used to manage backlogs and programs as part of the Agile Release Train (ART).

Becoming a product owner or manager is about far more than simply rote learning of rigid mechanisms. It’s about an entirely new way of thinking. Specifically Lean thinking, expressed as the ability to conceive of Epics and break them down into their constituent parts; features and stories.

Attendees of this course will also gain insight into the processes that all Agile team members contribute to. Such as the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. They are exposed to DevOps culture. Leading to a deeper understanding of the whole, making it much easier to integrate with the Agile team.